30+ years

A long journey comes to a close…after years of implementing technology, it really worked for you!

For 30+ years, I worked around the globe, doing consulting projects for customers.  I enjoyed being the go-to guy, performing system installations, repairs and customization of computers, networks and websites.  It did not matter where the job was – United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe.  It did not matter how complex the task, wherever there was a need, I was there and I was your geek!

I’ve had the pleasure of doing work for:
4 Seasons Hotels
Ritz-Carlton hotels
United Launch Alliance
Florida Hospital
Orlando Regional Medical Center
Heath Slocumb – Professional baseball player (Seattle Mariners & Chicago Cubs, Retired 2001)
LPGA International gold club – Daytona Beach, FL
Orange County National Golf Center & Lodge – Orlando, FL
Boy Scouts of America – Central Florida Council
RE/Max 200 – Orlando
Trico Wireless (cellular phone company)
Express Scripts
…..and many other fine companies around the globe.

It truly was a fun ride, but today things are quite different.  I have retired from performing large jobs for these prestigious companies and now enjoy the quiet lifestyle that I worked so hard to achieve.  I may do some small piece work here and there, but nothing on any large scale anymore.  In fact, most of the repair and build work I do is for my family and close friends, so I do not have to work the long & crazy hours anymore.  I worked very hard to make sure my family was able to survive and now that my kids are grown up, I get to enjoy a quieter household and truly get to enjoy my free time.  If you have come here to try and secure my services, I am sorry to say that I have passed the torch on to the others who are still chasing the dream.  Please enjoy my newly revamped website and a taste of what I do in my off-hours.  Cooking on my smoker, driving my new Challenger Scatpack, SCUBA diving, fishing and just plain relaxing with my family.